Kdenlive not rendering correctly

Rendering a video in Kden live -
I go to share it via X or Discord

X [ twitter ] - FIle wont load
Discord - it shows up a file not an actual video
I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling
even installing via terminal command line and same thing…

it plays normally when I open it up via VLC media player or when I share it via telegram…
But X and Discord are being weird and I don’t know if its a kdenlive thing or if its a discord or X thing?

System: Manjaro Cinnamon
Graphics Card: NVIDIA gt-1030
Desktop: Lenovo think center

any help is appreciated if this is not the right spot please link me or point me to the right place… .Thank you.

Probably because you use h.265? Use h.264 for better compatibility. It is not an issue of Kdenlive.

That fixed it - Thank you for your help

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