Kdenlive and audio hissing (Denoise: Remove background noise)?

I'm recording videos with a EOS M3 camera and an external microphone (Rode Videomicro) attached.
When i'm watching and editing the video i hear a background hissing noise. :unamused:
This is due to bad audio amp with Canon cameras, so the trick is to remove background noise when editing the video, or use a too expensive mic with +dB audio gain.
I've searched for an audio de-noise function in Kdenlive but i can't find it.
This is a basic function, so it might be well hidden in a submenu?
A solution is to extract the audio, denoise in Audacity, and import the audio to the video again.
This is a lot of work i don't want to do every week and it might be out of sync in the end. :worried:

Is there a solution to denoise audio in a video editor directly?

Thanks pappl

This are the only Audio options available:


Probably this will help

This is really bad.

After searching for methods:
The easiest solution is to use an external mic with preamp (e.g. +20db) installed and reduce microphone sensitivity in the camera menu.


you could try
Audacity to reduce noise.
well just a suggestion dont know if it will work.

Unfortunately the Audacity process has to be done manually in GUI.
I'm dreaming of a fully automated script to remove hiss or a checkbox to remove hiss in Kdenlive.
In iMovie there it's a checkbox: Remove background noise. Done.
Strange, this seems to be absent in Kdenlive.

Maybe it works somehow by extracting audio with ffmpeg in terminal, run a script to eliminate noise and merge audio and video track again.

I got it in Kdenlive:

There is a Audio plugin which can be used with Kdenlive.

Go to Add Effect... -> Audio and there are lots of Audio Effects, but required Mag's Notch Filter (LADSPA) is missing.
This plugin and many others are inside swh-plugins.

Simply install swh-plugins, they are in arch repos.
Be sure mlt is already installed with Kdenlive ( mlt - An open source multimedia framework)
Relaunch Kdenlive and now there are a ton of audio effects available.
Select Mag's Notch Filter and reduce background hiss via slider.

My settings to eliminate background hiss by 80% and remain audio quality:
Rezize Mag's Notch Filter window to see all values.
Slider Center Frequency (Hz): 7000.000
Bandwidth (Hz): 7000.000
Stages (2 poles per stage): 2
Wet/Dry: 1.000

Optional only:
Add the Simple Low Pass Filter
Cutoff Frequency (Hz): 7500
Wet/Dry: 1

See the difference live by playing the track and enable/disable the noise reduction live.

It's true, Kdenlive is a mighty video editing tool!

I'm so happy! :heart_eyes:



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