Kdenlive 21.08.3 crashes when changing colour of text

Hi guys I just want to report that Kdenlive crashes when you change text colour or colour clip, I have made a report on KDE’s bug page about it and apparently Kdenlive’s package is missing a dependancy but I haven’t got a reply back on what the dependency is.

Here is the link to the bug report.


Hopefully we can give the post more attention and track down this pesky bug than fix it :grinning: :penguin:

pacman -F /usr/lib/mlt-7/libmltmovit.so
usr/lib/mlt-7/libmltmovit.so is owned by extra/mlt 7.2.0-2
pacman -F /usr/lib/mlt-7/libmltsox.so
usr/lib/mlt-7/libmltsox.so is owned by extra/mlt 7.2.0-2

So, do you have mlt package installed? I think you have to reboot if you install it.

Also, are you using GPU with the movit library ?

AFAIK that can create some issues with legacy effects …

I don’t have gpu playback enabled because it causes issues and crashing but I already had mlt installed and already rebooted.

I am awaiting a reply to get the required dependancies to report back to you guys so the issue can be fixed if it hasn’t been fixed yet.

If you guys have any more info about the issue please let me know.