Kdeconnect send sms is broken, fix on the way

kdeconnect is a convenient tool for interacting with a cell phone. For me the ability to read sms texts from the desktop is especially nice. Recently sending sms messages was enabled, but more recently it broke. A fix is in the pipeline, but meanwhile a workaround is to write text e.g. in kate, copy it to the clipboard, and then paste it into the sms send text window on the phone. It’s less convenient than sending texts directly from the desktop , but easier than pecking at a phone screen.

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I’m not sure what type of cell phone you are using but that is definitely not more convenient than picking up my cell phone to send a sms message. I too am waiting on a fix for sms BTW.

For me personally it’s not something im interested in using anyway.
But instead of sms posibilities i would like to have the ability to use the fingerprint reader of my phone instead :wink:

I guess it depends on how long your text messages are, and how much you want to switch among devices. I keep my phone notifications off almost all the time, and KDEconnect lets me scan texts and calls quickly without having to juggle my phone. I also use voice dictation in a Windows virtual machine, so cutting and pasting between applications is kind of 2nd nature for me.

Same - its been broken for a while

Also when on phonecalls the media does not pause and resume when the phone call begins and ends.

It seems the dev’s don’t care that their app is broken nor do they seem to test their software before releasing it.

“Comment #12 from Nicolas Fella nicolas.fe...@gmx.de
The 20.08.3 release is scheduled for November 5”

SMS send is fixed in kdeconnect 20.08.03-1. It’s great to send text messages from my actual keyboard instead of a phone.

Does anyone know of a good help page for kdeconnect? The app seems iffy on sending sms still and the notifications. I get a notification for when I send a text from the desktop and I can’t figure out where it’s coming from.