Kdeconnect problems

The last time I used kdeconnect to transfer music to my phone it was working just fine. I needed to use it again last night and now all it does is see my phone but won’t let me browse the directories in the phone to place the music where it’s needed. This is on the latest Plasma/KDE. I have moved to the 5.8 kernel. Could this possibly be the issue? This is very frustrating. It’s also frustrating that I can’t just plug the USB cable up and transfer that way. Is there a way to do this with the android tools?

I opened Dolphin up and clicked on Network. Went to MTP devices and there the phone was. I still don’t know why kdeconnect isn’t working for this.

Do you have a firewall? If you do then you need to make a rule for kde

No firewall, just the router.

First thing I thought is mtpfs installed.
Also for kdeconnect did you install and configured sshfs?

They are both installed.