Kdeconnect doesn't work well at all

This app doesn’t work well at all for sending SMS messages from the computer. About the only thing it’s good for is transferring files or music to the phone. Has anybody had any luck getting the app to do what it’s supposed to do? If I click on a group text the app crashes. There is already a bug report about that. And half the time it doesn’t send the other texts I try to send.

Just answering your question, yes, I can send SMS reliably if my phone is not sleeping. That part is annoying but it is reliable. If I click a group SMS or MMS I can see the message body, no crashing. KDE Connect is not the most polished app in the world, but is handy when I am logging into sites that send an SMS for 2FA (MFA) like Amazon, banking, etc. Its nice to copy / paste the notifications list.