KDE -- Why flat icons? Where are the good 3D icon themes?



Last time I checked Icon themes are not typically gnome, Plasma, xfce, etc. exclusive.
Any Icon, can be used for any application, at anytime, if only one knows how to assign them in their favorite WM/DE. With that said, if an applications .desktop file is done properly it should either use it’s own provided icons, or use a proper generic icon (example: accessories-text-editor). I do understand your frustration though with incomplete icon packs that sometimes do not follow the normal generic names. I run into this issue allot with application under Enlightenment, where the application is looking for accessories-text-editor and it doesn’t exist in the theme, or it’s an older theme that has it named something different like text-editor. Another issue is with applications that give the extension (png, svg, etc.) in the .desktop file as well. It’s like, um, hello, the wm/de will not find the icon when the theme uses svg and the .desktop file specifically asks for a png.


svg (but also old - missing hamburger menu for example (copy the one of Breeze))
not good for black theme but good for gray and light