KDE -- Why flat icons? Where are the good 3D icon themes?



Hello everyone

I am kind of frustrated with all the “flat” style that has been around for last few years.
With all the power that graphics cards can develop today and the amount of RAM that a PC can have (cheap) soooo WTH are still flat icons??
Did you remember the NouvoX icon theme? or the good old Oxygen?

I can’t find any good 3D icon theme for KDE.
Does anybody knows a website or a place that I can find it?
And I mean a good theme that can have ALL the icons, no just a few 3D icons and the vast majority are the default…

Please … anybody??


You can still use them. They are in the package oxygen-icons


I find them ugly AF.
But I’m sure you can find some like-minded folks still upkeeping some sets here and there.

But you mean stuff like this from years ago?


Thanks dalto.

I have it… I was using it as an example

I want something new and refreshed


How about buuf? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There are a ton of icon themes in the repos.

Take a look at the results of pacman -Ssq | grep icon


Crystal is dead and no files can be downloaded…
Snowish is not complete and most of the icons are the defaults


Well yeah … it is almost a decade old. I just wanted to know if thats what you meant.


thanks dalto
that command is useless to me…
I want to see the icon theme before install it


vamox maybe?

A compromise might be

(thing is … you should be able to search this yourself…)


and i did it

May be you did not read my first sentence… or the entire post…
Looking for 3D icons …
“…Shadow is a flat icon-theme for gnome 3.10+.”

Also. There are NOT a complete set…
aka, I searched, i tested/try them and there are not complete…

I prefer that people don’t reply just for the sick to reply something without READING the post and replying USELESS things …


Ill give you the jonathon answer then…

So its open source and everything is free. But you dont like the options. OK. Well you are also free to add to those options. Thats what I did with my KDE theme, and apparently what you must do with your icon theme if nothing is good enough for you.


I prefer that people don’t reply just for the sick to reply something without READING the post and replying USELESS things …


I read it. I responded. I even gave options and links.
Im sorry, what were you expecting?

Its quite ALL-CAPS-USELESS to just randomly complain that things dont look exactly how you want them to. If you have somehow seen every icon theme on the face of the planet and none of them are good for you… you will have to make your own. At that point how ‘useful’ any of this is is up to you.

I’d prefer people dont reply hateful, stupid things. Jeez.


may be you need to understand that not everyone has the same preference

asking for help is not complaint

give “stupid” options is nonsense (yes, I am kind of frustrated with you)

If you ask for car and I gave information about a bicycle you will be mad too… and then if I tell you “Look buddy, I gave you options… you did not like it… so go and build a car for you… don;t complain” you will be angry…

I am specifically asking for a complete set of 3D icons for KDE …


But I didnt. I told you that bicycles are less common, noone here makes them, and if any of the ones available arent good enough … you need to build your own bicycle. I also pointed you to all the best modern bicycles I could find.

Your response is to make a scene. You are the person yelling at the register while being given directions.


“You are the person yelling at the register while being given directions.”
If i asked the register “where is the bathroom” and she/he give directions to go to the “Dairy section” I will be screaming…

Also, if you don’t know OR if you don’t have the tools to do it
you will ask for help…

People that have the knowledge … sometimes they feel superior and consider other without the same skills inferior …


I have given you the facts as I understand them and extra resources as well.
You seem to not be happy with them as such, and are responding negatively.
I am not insulting you or insinuating superiority or anything of the sort … I am simply quite surprised by your response. It is unbecoming.


Then, I apologize if I misunderstood your comments.

Fresh start:
I am looking for a 3D icon theme for KDE which have a complete set of icons. Please do not point me to gnome theme or something similar.
I do not know how to build my own theme.
Anybody can help?


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