KDE Wayland is rubbing sand in my eyes. Is it just me?

I've been using KDE Plasma Wayland (never tried X11, I really need Wayland) for almost a year. There's always tons of small bugs and even some big ones. Each big update they shuffle around and you get another headache. I'm talking in general, I also have Kubuntu+Wayland in another computer. On Kubuntu 18.04 I was getting constant segfaults and losing the entire session. Both intel and amd. That bug was "fixed" but not really and the full pc freeze became just a logout. The .config files are a complete mess, even opening and closing a program like Dolphin makes the state change. It's insane.

Am I really unlucky or are you having the same experience?

ps: I would use Sway if I could have a sane floating window experience. Just a maximize and close button. And alt+tab. 80% of the time I'm using my mouse, I'm no vim wizard. Even mpv runs smoothly there. KDE is getting on my nerves.

Plasma Wayland support isn't released yet. It is still in a "Tech Preview" state so I think issues are to be expected at this stage. The shifting you are seeing may be related to the fact that it is under active development.




Ya, but even when a "stable" version is released, if there's a plasma crash it brings down your whole session. That is not going to change. No thanks, I want a simple plasma restart to fix things without killing my session. No wayland for me any time soon.

That change sux big time IMO.


Gnome is currently the only full desktop with properly working wayland session. On sway you can have close buttons by using gtk3 with client side decorations, like gedit, chromium and gnome-terminal. Alt-tab is a a matter of setting a keybinding for it. Maximize button will not work, but you can use monocle instead. Or make a keybinding to maximize a floating window and bind it to middle clicking the title bar.

Anyways, the sway issues can be worked around, but you should probably just use gnome until kde has a working wayland session.

Oh really? Why?
I'm serious, can anyone explain what makes Wayland superior to X11 in real life please?

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I for one am looking forward to get rid of the security issues of X11 as described here https://www.secjuice.com/wayland-vs-xorg/

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My company deploys Wayland stuff. But it runs way better than X11 for me and the extra security is a huge plus. I also want to help with bug reports.

The only system that works "good enough" (still has occassional crash, though) with KDE Wayland is my Cube Mix Plus, which has Core M3-7Y30 with no dGPU, only iGPU Intel UHD 615. On my other systems (GPD Pocket 1: x7-Z8750 + Intel HD 405, ASUS GL503VD: i7-7700HQ + Intel UHD 620 + Nvidia GTX1050) it's simply unusable. It's not even alpha quality yet, knowing that bug reports were just allowed not so long ago (so bug reports prior to that time are completely ignored). ATM, if you choose to use KDE Plasma, stick with X11.

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Well, I use a nvidia GPU, and all I get when using KDE with wayland is a black screen of death :joy:.

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