KDE Wayland bugs

I wanted to try the Wayland KDE session installing plasma-wayland-session and selecting it in the SDDM. I have two main problems with it. First every 5 minutes my wallpaper changes, but when this happens the wallpaper is just black and I can’t right-click on the desktop to troubleshoot the problem. The second is that when I leave the PC alone it should unlog, but now it shows a black screen saying that there is a problem with the session. Could anyone help me?

Do you use plugin which change your wallpaper every 5 minutes? Try disable it.

The screen also power off? – there indeed is problem, maybe future updates will fix it. Logout or screen locking withoud disabling screen should work.

About the wallpapers, I’m just using the KDE wallpapers Slideshow - Folder View functionality.

About the screen, it doesn’t power off. It just shows this black message a la “Windows Blue Screen of Death”. Next time it happens I’m taking a pic with my phone. Where can I report this?

You’re using the wallpaper slideshow and complaining that it changes your wallpaper every 5 minutes. That is literally the function of the slideshow.


The issue is not the wallpaper changing, but the fact it turns the wallpaper black and desktop is unresponsive then.

I didn’t try wayland since long time but so far it seems on KDE it is not ready at all, not sure why people want to use it. You can report bugs to KDE directly https://bugs.kde.org




Maybe next KDE release will be more stable for wayland.

No, in fact it doesn’t do that. After 5 minutes, instead of changing the wallpaper, the desktop goes black and is unresponsive. Maybe I expressed badly the issue

I have Variety working for X11, which is not supported for Wayland. Therefore I tried to set my wallpaper (static at first, no plugins, slideshow, etc), but as soon as I opened the options, desktop started acting crazy, Application panel disappeared and couldn’t click anywhere. Had to logout and login back, where same thing happened when I tried to setup wallpaper again.