KDE Vaults: Thumbnails gone (again)

Hi, I’m using KDE Vaults to encrypt some of my folders. One thing I found to be irritating is the fact that until recently there were no thumbnails for video or picture-files displayed. I understand that this was some kind of security concern because those thumbnails might get cached somewhere and leaking the content of the encrypted folders. But they are also very helpful to quickly find the files you’re looking for. So I was very happy when I noticed a few month ago that dolphin started displaying thumbnails in my encrypted folders - but now, with the most recent update I did today, that seems to be reverted to the old behavior. Thumbnail generation is blocked again. Is this an error with the newest update or was the status before the update the error an I won’t see any thumbs in an encrypted folder in the future?

This is an ongoing issue with upstream KDE.

While trying to fix one thing, they broke something else.

Nate (the lead developer) is trying to find a compromise.

His idea is to generate thumbnails within the encrypted vault, regardless of the user’s own encryption (such as their /home/ partition being encrypted). While at the same time, they want to revert the recent changes made that essentially killed thumbnail caching for non-Vault users.

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Thank you - so I’ll wait where this leads…

I’ve been keeping a close eye on this, since it severely impacts workflow, usability, and performance. :wink:

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