KDE tray bug after using system tray settings



O yea the entries of the system tray settings become empty when this bug happens. I never noticed that or i would have included it in my video. Well spotted @Martin83


The same problem.
Plasma 5.14.4


Sorry, I’m not really familiar with kde bug reports, what does ‘upstream’ mean in this context? Do you mean KDE Bugzilla? I couldn’t find a matching entry there.


Have you properly searched all these?


it is in there.



I just came across this bug in Plasma 5.14.5 for the first time, after going into Settings to hide the Bluetooth icon (change from Auto to Hidden). I just replaced my Broadcom wifi PCIe with the Intel 7260 AC which includes Bluetooth, not wanting to look at the icon when not being used.


I can confirm that this bug still exists in Plasma 5.15.0…