KDE theme crashes after reboot if not using default theme

Hi, I’ve been facing a quite annoying problem with my manjaro KDE these days, when I’m not using the default theme (breeze) for my manjaro KDE, the whole theme could crash after a reboot, I’m sorry that I cannot provide a screenshot, but I would try to describe it as I can:

the boot process stuck after I enter the password and get into the splash screen, the process bar would stop at about 80% and just stuck there. After a quite a long period, I could enter the DE, but it seems like that I have just lost everything relevant to the theme, all the icons are gone, as well as the status bar and the wallpaper.

I’ve been experiencing this issue on two different laptops and I’m afraid this could be some wierd software problem? I have used the ‘whitesur’ and the ‘ant-dark’ theme, and they both suffer from this issue.

Thanks for your help.