KDE taskbar icons are too small


The workaround sugggested here:

worked once…in October, but I cannot make it work or i don’t know I am getting stupid…

Help please with determining is it the former or the latter :0


Howbout a screen shot of which ones you are trying to fix?

[SOLVED] Gigantic thumbnails in plasma panel

The ContainmentID probably is different from those instructions. Try this if you are talking about the systray icons.

  • Edit the file “~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc”
  • Search the file for “SystrayContainmentId” there will be a number after the “=” sign
  • Scroll down to “[Containments][8][General]” replacing “8” with your number from the previous step
  • If iconSize is not already in that section add a line that reads “iconSize=2”. Replace 2 with your desired scale factor
  • Logout for the changes to take effect


OK I did as instructed…

The Network, the Battery and Brightness have been enlarged but the ones I added manually are still too small.

I set the iconSize to 4, then back to 2.

The application launcher is so tiny.


That is interesting, did you scale the interface under display and monitor settings or did you resize things individually?


In another thread, I think there was mention a few updates ago about deleting and re-creating task manager icons. (Delete the existing konsole launcher, the find konsole in the menu system, right click and select pin to taskbar.


1] dalto, your suggestion works - the icons next to the clock can be enlarged - they are just fine now.

2] jsamyth, that is what I had to do, remove, add one more time - now the two manually added icons are of the desired size.

3] the App Launcher has remained super tiny - what can be done?


You can solve the tiny app launcher icon using System settings > Icons > Advanced > Panel > Size

I found it on this thread following https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=141623


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