KDE System Upgrade 05/13/24 w/ kernel 6.6.30-2-MANJARO(64-bit); System Settings Failure

System Settings > Input & Output > Keyboard > Shortcuts

“Custom Shortcuts” no longer exists. Previous custom shortcuts are now incorporated with the standard system shortcuts. The ability to edit the shortcut name and/or path is no longer readily available. The change in the method to create a new shortcut does not allow for defining the name or the pathway to a document.
what a mess. Why fix it? It wasn’t broken. Now it is.

This kernel is end of life since many months. If you have not updated for such a long time, this will be the least of your problems. Start reading the announcements since the last time you updated.

Thanks. I forgot that I had momentarily reverted for testing purposes. Corrected. Again, thanks. Insofar as updates, they’ve been automatic for years.

khotkeys is deprecated and one must use kglobalaccel


Oh no. Always happens when I don’t have time to play around. Thanks.

I’ve made a moment to look into the problem- per your suggestion. You’re absolutely correct. Well done. Many thanks.

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