[KDE Stable] After latest updates, I cannot login. Message: /dev/sda2: clean...

Hello, Manjaro community.

After the latest stable updates, I can no longer login into Manjaro KDE.

I receive the following message when I enter my password from the default login screen (this is as best as I can read it, since I use a 4K monitor with small text and it only flashes for less than a second) :

/dev/sda2: clean, [number]/[number] files, [number]/[number] blocks

I receive strange full-screen graphical glitches, and then I am sent back to my login screen.

Potentially relevant HW information:
MB: Asus X370 Prime Pro
CPU: AMD Ryzen 1500X

Does anyone know what could be causing this and, if so, what I could do to fix the problem?

Thank you in advance.

P.S. I have been using the same installation constantly (and updating regularly) since last June, so the fact that this is the first time that I have encountered a (seemingly) major problem reflects well on everyone's hard work here.

If that's the 2019-04-03 update, there was an issue with mesa for many people. It was recommended to downgrade also. So open a tty (Ctrl+Alt+F2) and log in. Run either one of sudo pacman -Syyuu or pamac upgrade --enable-downgrade depending on which package manager you prefer.


Thank you, Richard. That was a simple solution, and your explanation was clear.

P.S. pacman is the default package manager for Manjaro KDE.

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Since when?Octopi is default package manager in manjaro KDE

Since forever. Octopi is a graphical frontend.

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Yikes! I confused pacman with pamac

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You had me really worried there for a sec. :smiley:

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