KDE small dialog boxes - won't rember window sizes since Plasma 5.27

Whenever I need to save a file, a usual dialog box from KDE shows up.

All was well till 5.27 update. Now I get this annoyingly small window. Previously, I just resized it, saved the file and next pop-up got the size I used before. Not anymore. I always get the same, generic, small size.

As you can see on the screenshot below, my icons are pretty huge, and it’s just not working well. Sure, I can resize them, but the point is that dialog windows remembered the size, now they don’t. It’s a clear regression.

Is this happening for you as well, or maybe is it just on my system? I’m trying to figure out whether is it a general bug or something on my side. If the latter, if you have any idea how to fix it, I’m all ears.


EDIT: Oh wait… It just remembered the window size. How ironic. For over a month it was a problem and once I decided to ask for help, it may be fixed. I’ll continue to observe and let you know if it was actually fixed or not.

This seems to be a portal dialog.
I’ve only had them reset their size when switching monitors.

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I’ve recently notice the issue as well and wasn’t overly amused with it reverting back.

Looks like it’s all right today. Probably some recent update, either Plasma or Framework fixed it. My topic is a false alarm :stuck_out_tongue: .

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