KDE - set default action for drag-and-drop as move?

Is it possible to set default drag-and-drop action as move, instead of invoking the menu to all the time?

Not sure what you imply, but this is the default drag-and-drop behavior


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It happens in Thunderbird. Instead of doing the file, it creates a symlink (?) "Link here". I do believe though, that this is Thunderbird specific.

Is it possible to get rid of that menu, and use 'move' as default action?

I rewrote the question to make it more clear.

On Windows move is default everywhere, and it was possible to change the behavior via registry. I didn't find any such options in Dolphin for example.

If it isn't, what file managers can you recommend that support this?

Those actions are part of kio and not Dolphin. You would have to rewrite and compile it ...

For that i'll step out from this discussion. Cheers!

On windows it's not default everywhere. it's move when it's on the same drive (partition) otherwise it's copy. (it's dependent of source and destination)
and I actually always hated that move was the default

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No there is no way to change this behavior.
shift + dnd = move
ctrl + dnd = copy
ctrl + shift + dnd = link.

It's right there in the menu if you look.

alt + dnd = link as well

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Windows does a lot of things that is not safe, and/or secure.

Windows behavior is just NOT a good metric to use, especially as a comparison, for a great many things.

Nope. not at all.

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