[KDE] Restore System from backintime backup after breaking with removal of fontconfig package

Hey there,

Due to some font issues, I though it might be a good idea to uninstall and reinstall the fontconfig packages and was clicking too fast to realize the warning that a lot of dependent packages will get removed, too.
So there I was with a broken system, but managed to get internet connection again and reinstall plasma and some of the packages I remembered.

But it still is not as it was before, for example there is no kernel selector in the system settings.

I also have backintime backups on an external drive, specifically the /home, /etc, /var, /usr/local, /opt and /root folders (I remember somewhere reading about backing up those).

My question now is, how to best go about restoring the previous state (before the fontconfig mishap). Just overwrite the folders while the system is running, or do I need to boot via a usb installation and use backintime restoration this way?
And while we're at it: Are the saved folders sufficient anyway for restoration (and backups in general in a way apple's time machine does?)

Thank you.

It's much safer to do it that way. I personally trust Timeshift in rsync mode more than backintime to do what you now require. My home directory I back up separately as and when I change something or at least once a week (whichever comes sooner).

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