KDE Plasma theme doesn't change

Hi everyone! I have Manjaro Gnome, but now I would like to use Plasma. I wouldn’t like to install Manjaro KDE from zero, so I’ve installed plasma following the official Manjaro Wiki guide and everything works, but even if I try to set a different theme it doesn’t change, and system apps like settings, discover, and ksysguard just keep being white. How can I fix it?


Since you switched from Gnome, some settings might still depend/take precedence from qt5ct + Kvantum Manager settings. Check those.


Ho provato ad aprirli entrambi ma non ho trovato nulla che mi permetta in qualche modo di modificarlo. Hai qualche idea per caso?

Ok I managed to solve it, it was actually a problem with qt5ct, but I didn’t realize it didn’t work because there were some errors to be solved. I had to install qt5-styleplugins and modify the QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME variables in the /etc/environment file by inserting qt5ct instead of gnome and commenting the QT5_STYLE_OVERRIDE variable. Thank you for suggesting to me about qt5ct!

That sounds a lot like the way you should not be doing it.
KDE is a QT desktop … you dont need to control QT theming through qt5ct.

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