KDE Plasma + SDDM lock screen possible?

I don’t like how the lock screen is different than SDDM. Whatever the default lock screen is for Manjaro KDE is bare-bones and has no options for switching users, shutting down, putting the computer back to sleep. If I wanted to do those things I’d have to first log in from the lock screen menu and then do the commands. Is there any way to wake up to SDDM after sleep and also have SDDM be my lock screen?

They are spearate. There isnt any way to ‘lock’ to sddm besides logging out.
That said … the lockscreen is tied to the global theme … some themes dont define this, and so it defaults.
It is true … plasma lacks good options for configuring this.

(for example … apply matchama ‘global’ theme [which defines a lockscreen theming] then change every other theme … from desktop to color to gtk to sddm … the lockscreen will remain matchama)

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