KDE Plasma S/PDIF Profiles

I’m using Manjaro KDE with Plasma 5.20.2.
When trying to select an audio profile I don’t see all my S/PDIF possibilities.
I have connected the computer to a HIFI receiver using an optical cable.
This HIFI receiver is a system of AC/3 & DTS with 5.1 speakers.
In the file “/usr/share/alsa-card-profile/mixer/profile-sets/default.conf” I see all these mappings …

[Mapping iec958-stereo]
[Mapping iec958-ac3-surround-40]
[Mapping iec958-ac3-surround-51]
[Mapping iec958-dts-surround-51]

The only profile I can select is the first one “Digital Stereo (IEC958) Output”.
What can I do if I want to select the other S/PDIF profiles?
I can select many others like these because I have also an HDMI cable to a TV that supports even 7.1:

Digital Stereo 7.1 (HDMI 2)
Digital Surround 5.1 (HDMI 2)
Digital Surround 7.1 (HDMI 2)

I’m sorry if my English is not good enough.
I hope I have explained my problem correctly.

Thanks in advance!

See: How to get digital surround passthrough via S/PDIF working?

We are on same boat. Seems that there is currently no way to do that.

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