KDE Plasma / Kwin no longer allows me to rebind meta key

So I followed a guide on here to install GNOME onto my system so I can choose the different desktop environments, and this is the last time I will ever let anyone make me believe that is even remotely a good idea.

I decided I wasnt feeling the GNOME style that much and moved back to KDE. However now my super key (in the settings called Meta) is working and does receive inputs, but CANNOT be bound to opening the application launcher menu that it’s defaulted to.

I have tried going into ~/.config/kglobalshortcutsrc and changing the the shortcut to alt+F1. It made alt+F1 work but not the meta key even though everyone is saying those are the same inputs according to the system. Turns out that’s not at all true, yay… I tried changing the input to just Meta as a tutorial explained, but after rebooting, it just defaulted to alt+F1 which means JUST pressing the meta key does nothing.

I tried doing the same as above but by using sudo to edit. Nothing.

I tried changing it in the plasma GUI shortcuts and global shortcuts. Issue there being the meta key cannot be bound to literally anything unless it’s paired with something else.

I tried multiple keyboards, nothing.

I cannot accept the fact that the ONLY recourse is to just do a fresh install, I cannot keep falling back on that easy out. there HAS to be a way to do this but for the life of me I cannot find it. I’ve been trying different fixes, google results, wiki pages, guides after guides… for over a week now and im this close to going fully f*cknut insane. someone plz help.

Edit: I have also tried setting the default shortcuts in the menus. Nada

It’s not great - actually, try right-clicking your menu widget, then remove the Alt_F1 binding there (so it says ‘none’) and then hit Meta again, this usually gets it up for me.

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