KDE plasma is doing strange things

After every standby or monitor shut off, the taskbars are randomly across my monitors, sometimes completely gone.
Superkey isn’t working most times, I can set it new and it work for one session, but after reboot/standby it is gone again, even if it works I couldn’t type direct to the search bar anymore, the first weeks this works well.
Most times if I manual click the search bar in startmenu, there aren’t any search results.
To the taskbars pinned icons are randomly gone and randomly back again.
Widgets are moving slightly across and got stacked in one corner of one monitor, absolutly not usable.
If I use openvpn via network manager, very often the whole DE is freezing, crashing and restarting, this often takes 2-3 minutes and the system isn’t really usable till kde restarts.
The installation is very new, the error appears direct after first reboot.

It’s really annoying to setup all display settings 2-5 times a day… never did anything with the kde configuration.

what kernel are you using? I ask because I have found the latest kernel,
5.15.2-2 wreaks havoc with KDE. Notifications appear as black boxes,
systemsettings5 modules cause hangs and segfaults, video corruption
occurs from time to time. For me, 5.14.18-1 seems to work flawlessly.

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For now I am using 5.13.19-2. Should I try 5.14.18-1?

Can’t hurt – I should have said I"m on intel video (an x1 carbon 9th gen).
Could try the LTS 5.10 too …

Changed to the 5.14.18-1 around 4h ago, was watching a movie in the living room, came back and wake up my PC - taskbars are in disorder again and settings lost.
I will try the LTS tomorrow, but I don’t think it will change something on the buggy behavior of kde.
Thanks for your tipp anyways!
I’m on an AMD RX 5700XT with an Intel i9-10900F (without iGPU).
Edit: I have 3 displays connected to my PC, don’t know if this matters somehow. 2x 22" FHD and 1x28" UHD displays. the big one is connected with DP-DP cable, the both 22ers with DP-DVI adapter since they only have VGA and DVI input, but my GPU only 3xDP and 1xHDMI out.


Did you clear your plasma cache after updating?

rm ~/.cache/*plasma* ; killall plasmashell && kstart5 plasmashell

Not until now, will there be any settings lost?

None of my settings were affected.

Hm I think the tipp with changing kernel solved the problem. One time it switched postitions after the kernel change and not more since then. Every setting is stored too until now. I wil keep cleaning the cache in mind, if there will be another problem. Thanks!

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