KDE Plasma icon settings not saving

so, when i set to use icons that werent vanilla installed. as soon as a reboot or logout, they go back to normal (breeze dark) but icon settings say that my custom icons are still enabled (neon-icons in my case)
anyone know what i can do?

You probably have a global theme selected. Global themes override all other customizations, which is why I personally always advise against using global themes.

i followed Aragorn advice of not installing a global theme,and downloaded each element and put it in it’s related directory.
for icons it’s ~/.local/share/icons.
if you want i can give you the location for the other elements.
any how,as a global theme i have Breeze dark which i set first and then went to change each element.doing the opposite will revert to the default global theme.

i downloaded the components from the KDE-store.

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so do i just apply default for global themes?

Yes, or deselect the currently selected global theme if possible ─ none is selected here on my system.

Then start applying theming to the individual components as you would like, such as the icon theme.

I dont have the option to completely deselect one, and resetting to default doesnt change anything, icons resetafter logout/login and restart

global theme are selected.It is better to reset the settings