KDE plasma freezes all the time

Just a idea, i had many freezes/hang ups and restarts with Manjaro/KDE as i switched to Linux Manjaro/KDE 14month ago and i still use it today.
I had a overclocked CPU and it was always and still is stable under Windows7/Win10 (even in demanding VR Gaming in 5k Resolution/90FPS).

I found out that Manjaro/KDE is more reliable on a stable processor as Windows!
And i had to downclock my CPU with Process Govenor… if you don’t have a overclocked CPU it could still related to the same issue, because when a CPU gets older its required more voltage (or just can’t hold the stable MHz) after the years go on. Its all about the silicon lottery (atleast sometimes) and the Mainboard manufactures gives sometimes a bad default voltage settings.

I want to make this clear… i still could be total wrong here, the problem maybe fixed with GPU driver’s. I just want to show another view related to this freezes/hang ups.

Okay, I think I succeeded in installing Nvidia 340 driver!

  Device-1: NVIDIA C79 [GeForce 9400M] vendor: Apple MacBook5 1 driver: nvidia
    v: 340.108 alternate: nouveau bus-ID: 02:00.0 chip-ID: 10de:0863
    class-ID: 0300

And yea maybe it runs a little bit smoother now! Thank you omano a lot for your help!


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Nice! You have some option if you run Nvidia Settings, this is where you configure the video card now.

See if it freezes now with this video driver, my guess is that it should fix this issue.

//EDIT: now what I would do is make system backups with Timeshift at least multiple time per year (disable all the automated backups in Timeshift settings, this is not really necessary, manually trigger a backup when you feel like it, for example before every big Manjaro update).
I’m telling you that because in theory, after a kernel update, it should automate some process to ‘reinstall’ the Nvidia driver so it works on next reboot, but in case there is an issue, with the Timeshift backup, you could always get to a TTY and rollback the failed update from terminal to have your system in the state it was when you made the backup.

Also, do not change your kernel, stick with the one you have, kernel 5.10, as this is the one compatible with the driver and the way you installed it. This kernel will continue to be maintained for many years.

@omano Thanks for your help, I followed your instructions and now my pc is functional.

The only thing is, I lost multi gestures (I am in Gnome). Is not as important as the use of a second monitor (now I can) but it could be nice to have it. Do you now what could I do?

Thanks again.

Open a new thread for new unrelated issues, it is a forum rule to have functional searches.