KDE Plasma first impressions/feedback

Hello again,

first of all I am not new to Manjaro, I already used Manjaro XFCE for 2 or 3 years as my first daily driver Linux.
However I assembled a new PC and since I always liked how KDE looked and headed that it is a really nice desktop environment I wanted to go with the KDE Plasma version of Manjaro this time.

So lets get started with things that I think could or should be improved:

  1. The Partition-Editor
    Used to start with the Authentication window hidden behind the main window, at first I thought that maybe it would take some time to scan for my other hard drives or so, I only noticed after a while when I came back to my PC which has went to snooze mode that it was just waiting for my authentication.
    It still keeps happening when I start it.(Shows that it has load 0% while behind the window the Authorization waits for user approval)

  2. I use a 2 Monitor setup, despite marking the right monitor of those as my primary one the login screen prompts me to set my password on the left(second) one.

  3. When I set my global scaling to 200% I had to manually increase the size of the mice as well as the taskbar,
    while I can understand this decision it might be good to at least ask the user if he want to double the size/height of the taskbar as well.

  4. I have yet to find out how to mirror the taskbar to a second(or all) screen(s), maybe it could be made easier to find.

  5. I think if either my PC goes to sleep or the monitors are turned off for a moment some or all windows change position and move to the center of both screens, maybe there is an option to prevent this behavior however I haven’t found it yet.

  6. This issue seems to have resolved itself, but in the logout/shutdown menu, where the timer counts from 30 sec downwards, I had quite some frame drops while everything else worked fine. (i dont think it was fixed by an update but it is currently not there anymore)

Thats it so so far with my first impression of Manjaro KDE, I haven’t searched the internet yet or opened other Forum posts about it, since I wanted to give this as my first impression and notes, so that I dont forget about it and also as general feedback.
I might/will post more details about those issues and also reproduce them etc when I have some time(also not sure if I should open threads for every singe one if them or post it here).

Your feedbacks and bug report should go to KDE team, this is Manjaro forum no one can fix or improve KDE here.


Every computer is different. Put feature requests in for things that will be used by multiple users, with KDE site. It can’t hurt.

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As @omano said, you should file the bug reports to https://bugs.kde.org and also take a look at KDE’s 15 minute bug initiative.

Well, I wasn’t sure since this is the version Bundled by Manjaro but thanks for the link.

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