KDE Plasma Black Screen after Login

What seems to have happened is that udisks crashed either during or after the update. The last time I saw this (or, a similar) issue, there was nothing conclusive. This is the thread if interested in comparison.

The fastest resolution might be to to start afresh. Before you do that, however, please wait for others to look at those logs in case someone knows of another solution.

Link to udisks2 project, if anyone needs it. These are likely related upstream issues #1198, #727, #969; possibly more.


This is my conclusion as well. But I agree with

Because there might be something I don’t know, even if my signature/title on the forum states otherwise…

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the KDE black screen issue was resolved after installing package libnvme .
But command
journalctl --unit=udisks2.service --no-pager
still shows error

Nov 25 12:23:09 suyash-acer systemd[1]: Starting Disk Manager...
Nov 25 12:23:09 suyash-acer udisksd[819]: udisks daemon version 2.10.1 starting
Nov 25 12:23:09 suyash-acer udisksd[819]: failed to load module nvme: libnvme.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Nov 25 12:23:09 suyash-acer udisksd[819]: Failed to load the 'nvme' libblockdev plugin
Nov 25 12:23:09 suyash-acer systemd[1]: udisks2.service: Main process exited, code=dumped, status=5/TRAP
Nov 25 12:23:09 suyash-acer systemd[1]: udisks2.service: Failed with result 'core-dump'.
Nov 25 12:23:09 suyash-acer systemd[1]: Failed to start Disk Manager.

After multiple failures it starts successfully on its own.
Thank-you all for the help.

I find it very strange that you needed to install libnvme, as it is a dependency that must be installed for a working KDE/plasma desktop.

This is basically the chain of dependencies:

libnvme (Installed as a dependency for another package) ➔ libblockdevudisks2solid5 (and some other apps) ➔ kio5 (again and some other apps) ➔ required by a whole bunch of kde packages, and some of them are hard dependencies for a working plasma desktop.


I’m glad we could help. I’d still tend to monitor this for a few weeks though. Cheers.

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Hi, i have pretty much the same issue going round in my productive system since I made an update on the 28th of November. Since then I also have had the black screen of death after login. Unfortunately libnvme was already installed and didn’t provide a solution.

The issue seems to be per user as I created a new user on the productive system and could proceed to the KDE desktop after login just fine.

I have set up a second system for testing on a spare drive with the same setup. Initially everything was fine until I began to install software packages. Eventually the KDE desktop came back into the bricked state. What made me wondering is that even after restoring timeshift snapshots (btrfs) with included @home subvolume the issue persisted.
Deleting and recreating the user makes the KDE desktop working again.

The machine is AMD CPU and GPU. I can provide additional logs if anybody likes to investigate.


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