KDE Plasma Acivity Bug: forgets desktop setting

For every activity a desktop arrangement can be set (among other properties), and an own “desktop folder” can be selected. However, if I select a folder for one activity, the other activities are forgotten.

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I’m afraid you are misinterpreting that. As far as I know, there is only one ~/Desktop folder for all activities.

What you can do differently between the different activities is the following…

  • Set a different wallpaper (or wallpaper types, such as a slideshow, et al).
  • Put different widgets on your desktop (but not on the panel(s)).
  • Keep a different history of recently used or most used applications and files (or no history at all).
  • Have a difference in which applications are pinned to the task manager.
  • Use a different setting for the type of view, i.e. “Desktop” versus “Folder View”.

However, the folder used for “Folder View” cannot be different between activities ─ it must always be the same folder.

One way of using different folders in that regard is to not use the “Folder View” setting for the desktop itself, but to instead put a “Folder View” widget on the desktop, because you can put as many of those on there as you like, each of them displaying the contents of different folders.

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Thanks @Aragorn for your answer.
Actually I am new to KDE Plasma. Such I just tested it around, and I found it is really great. You are right, I can select the Layout for every Activity: Folder View or Desktop.
Selecting the Folder View I can assign a Location > Show: Desktop folder / Files / Places / Custom location. This last one was what I used and referred as a distinct “desktop folder” for the Activity.

Now, I created 3 Activities let’s say A, B, C. All works fine except if I set a different Custom location to each one.
I assigned ~/Desktop to A, and created 2 more “desktop folder” : ~/B_Desktop and ~/C_Desktop. Then I assigned them to B and C activities respectively. Although the configuration is remembering for every setting, still if I switch to an other Activity, here I can not see the appropriate files on the desktop any more.
The most interesting thing is, that the Configuration somehow still remembers its “desktop folder” set by me:
if I try to create a new file with a name with which a file already exists in that folder, it is not possible, and I get an error massage: A file with this name already exists.

Well, I’m afraid there’s nothing the Manjaro developers can do about that. So you’ll either have to file a bug report upstream at bugs.kde.org, or else you’re going to have to use “folder view” widgets instead of setting the desktop itself to “folder view”. :man_shrugging:

I believe, its a ingenious concept with the Activities’ Custom Location, and still think, it can be fixed. I’m going to send a bug report as you suggested. Thanks @Aragorn.

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