KDE Plasma 5 wonky systray icons

Yep my systray use to look like this

Yahoo weather & Gmail feed on the end there.

Fiddled around with changing Look & Feel to Changing themes trying out new ones.
Switched back to the way I had before now system tray icons are different.

Looked and change icon themes and such still no joy tho the app launcher icons & Menu icons are back to the way they were. So scratching my noodle and things coming out of my ears. Trying to figure out what monkey thing I did or not. As tried all the icon sets I had and doesn’t seem to get my intended icons back.

Any help is appreciated as just want my usual icons I had. Which been running Oxygen for long time.

Look & Feel : Oxygen
Desktop Theme: Oxygen
Icons: Oxygen

Hm, try to rename the file
and restart the KDE Session. KDE will create a new version of that file with default settings.

This is the brute force method and may affect other bits of your KDE configuration, but if this changes your Systemtray behaviour back to normal then we can narrow the quirk down to that file (you can rename the file back to restore your settings…).

This file at least contains controls for the size of the icons in the systemtray …

Did that rename file and rebooted.
Massive change from 2 panels to 1 panel.
Different systray options device notifier back on,etc…
No change to Icons. Still ugly solid Wifi,Speaker & Gmail.
Even Wallpaper changed and Cashew back.

Renamed back and back to semi-normal. As still funky icons.
For Wifi,Audio,Hidden arrow & Gmail feed

Second attempt: did you try to first remove the Systemtray Plasmoid and then add it back?

Nope did uninstall the Gmail feed plasmoid and re-install still same issue.
Will try later with systray delete and re-add a bit later as in the middle of de-icing my fridge.

If the fridge is de-iced and the systray removed and re-added to no avail: have you tried to resize the panel holding the systray? Sometimes a given icon set lacks some particular icon sizes (or does not have scalable versions …) although I would doubt on that, since Oxygen is well integrated in KDE …

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Yes removed systray plasmoid and re-added.
Yes resized panel still same issue.
Went back tried applying different themes then back to my defaults.

Still stuck and having a UIS (Ugly Icons Syndrome) Attack! :dizzy_face:

saw this somewhere,
Only deleting .kde/share/config/kdeglobals file do the “reset” trick. So,

rm ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals
then logout or reboot.

that should reset it.

reset it? Like everything or just the icons?

reset themes as well as your icons, hence globals.
$ cat ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals
Just move it somewhere else then, you can always copy it back. It takes a whole 3 seconds to find out. :wink:

Moved the kdeglobals to documents.

Re-booted and nothing changed.
My custom panels,themes,wallpaper,etc…
All still there. Including ugly icons.

Yes, I just did it on my kde box remotely, rebooted, and it changed nothing, the old kdeglobals file is exactly the same as the new self-generated kde one ? So it didn’t even set anything back to defaults.
Gotta dig a little deeper.

Check this out:

I remember that thread. But don’t want to strip the car’s paint job.
Or clean out the Trunk and Glove box just to change some bumper stickers!

Will keep investigating as would rather nail down the why’s.
Then just give up and reset the whole desktop for a few icons.


In order to get the exact icons look as before, this is what you can try, in this order:

  1. System Settings>Workspece Theme>Look and Feel and select Maia Dark
  2. System Settings>Workspece Theme>Desktop Theme and select Breath
  3. System Settings>Icons and select Breeze Dark
    Hope this helps!

This might be worth a try: [edit] In your HOME directory: [/edit]

mv .cache .cache_backup

Logout from KDE, then log back in. Sometimes the old .cache files interfere with new settings. It is rather safe to delete the entire .cache, only the next start of the desktop and of particular programs may be slower. You may afterwards delete the .cache_backup folder if everything is mint.

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