KDE Plasma 5.18

With the 5.18 release of the Plasma desktop just 2 days away is there a ETA on when we will see it in Manjaro?


I'm on the testing branch for KDE 18.1.5

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See it....where?

It will show up in unstable shortly after release. How long it takes to make it to stable will depend. Generally, 1-4 weeks. It really depends if it or anything else in testing/unstable introduces and major problems.

Of course, if you want truly bleeding-edge plasma packages you could switch to the *-git packages which are tracking more closely with plasma development.

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All I asked is if someone had a rough estiment. if not no big deal. As for which branch that would be testing. Edited my first post.

Might try that 4 or 5 days after release, cause I would think any major bugs should show up by then.

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The -git packages in unstable are tracking 5.19:

$ plasmashell -v
plasmashell 5.18.80

I think that's a wee bit too bleeding edge for my taste. I haven't even looked to see what's purposed in 5.19. 5.18 on the other hand really won't have any surprises between now and the actual release date.

There's also a Frameworks rebase that needs applying and testing before or with KDE 5.18

09th February 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.67.0.

Yea I saw that on Reddit earlier today.

I chose to read this thread coz the subject line suggested i might learn some interesting things about this impending version. Instead, it was just another "I want it no-ooooooow!" thread. Disappointing.


Have the decency & integrity to conduct the debate publicly, rather than PM'ing me to whine. If you do that again i shall flag you for moderation.


And @AgentX's response is to flag your posts and add a middle-finger emoji to them. They also call you a 'pile of ...' in their flag notes.

While these posts by @kdemeoz arent exactly helpful .. I cant say they are disruptive or wrong .. or that they dont resemble the thoughts of many users who have been around for a while.

We havent seen the PM's in question .. but I highly doubt kdemeoz was out of bounds there either. Otherwise those things wouldve been flagged. From what we can tell it seems they are asking not to be accosted.

So that all said... stop being childish. Please remove your f-u's and converse like mature peoples.


Ah, one just loves the quality of recent blow-ins. Such a boon.

This highly esteemed individual created a thread essentially replicating oodles of historical threads asking "when will i get my hands on package x?", instead of performing the minimal amount of forum & wiki searching necessary to learn themselves the cascading pathway of packages through Arch & thence the MJ branches. Thereafter, affronted by some blowback, they elect to aggressively PM rather than either conduct the debate publicly, or better still, delete the thread in belated acknowledgement of its derivative futility. Charming.

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I asked a simnple harmless question PERIOD. NOTHING wrong with asking for a eta. now get over yourself.

Be calm, dear ... breathe.

OK, the original question in this topic has been answered. In addition to being off the rails I am not sure what else there is to say on the topic of the plasma 5.18 release timeline.

I think it is time for this one to end.


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