[KDE Plasma 5.18.4] Missing icons in System Tray

The problem sometimes appears, no matter which version of the kernel I am using(5.4 and 4.19). Maybe it will be fixed after reboot, or not. It is occasional.
Some apps can't show their icon in the tray correctly, like fcitx, electron-app, manjaro settings manager, octopi notifier, kconversation and so on.

After I reboot, the icons display like:
But I know the problem still exists.

Potentially a theme problem [some themes do not include icons for all the apps]. Does the problem persist if you revert to the basic Plasma Breeze theme?

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Yes, no matter which theme I am using.

Could be a cache issue. Breath2 (and the variants) should work just fine and display the icons. The Color version should just follow the color-scheme you use ... Once you change the theme run from terminal:
rm -r ~/.cache/*
Log out and back in.

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Can you point out the cache files? I can't delete all files in ~/.cache/.

Is the .cache folder inside your home directory, a hidden folder by default. Do not remove the folder, just what has inside. What files can't be removed from there? Make sure you have the right permissions on all your files and folder from your home.

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No, I mean there are also some important files in .cache folder, I am afraid rm -r ~/.cache/* will remove them as well.

All those files will get regenerated. Is cache not configuration files, all can be removed without any negative consequence.

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It doesn't work :thinking: I have already removed all the files. The problem still exists.

If icons are missing, they will appear after logout&login. If icons appears, they will be missing after logout&login. Like a loop.

Ok, so this happens with the themes provided by Manjaro by default too, or only with themes you downloaded from KDE Store? Since i can't reproduce the issue, i suggest to check if you have updates to install then try to reinstall the themes.

I am having a similar issue, and I don't think that this is Theme related? I am not 100% sure, how System Tray icons work, but I had some app icons in my tray, which I really doubt are provided by any of the icon packs.

Additionally, removing the System Tray widget and adding it back in fixes the issue until the next reboot, which wouldn't make sense, if this was a Theme issue.

After some research, here is what I found:

Apparently, this is a known bug, that will (hopefully) be fixed in Plasma 5.18.5.

Should i mention that i tested it in 3 unstable installs, 2 testing - one being my main install and never had that problem, and 3 stable installs from older iso to new iso with updates?

If is not a cache issue then the next step is to check the themes, and since i mentioned already that i can't reproduce the issue, then is not a Manjaro KDE Plasma issue either, so by logic and trough elimination of factors it means is your install.

I must be the most special one, not have installs affected by a known bug ... :no_entry:

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I also have this problem, Discord and Telegram icons can be hovered and right clicked but are invisible.

I really don't understand, where all the sass in your reply came from.

Should i mention that i tested it in 3 unstable installs, 2 testing - one being my main install and never had that problem, and 3 stable installs from older iso to new iso with updates?

Should I mention, that at least 3 people (only in this thread) started having the same issue after some of the recent updates?

since i mentioned already that i can't reproduce the issue, then is not a Manjaro KDE Plasma issue either so by logic and trough elimination of factors it means is your install.

I am gonna be 100% honest, this sentence was actually toxic. When people talk about the Linux community being unwelcoming, they mean comments like these. There are intermittent and transient bugs. There are race conditions and hardware differences. Upgrading the system at different times and installing different packages can leave the system in very different states.

Of course, it's a "your install" kind of issue. If the user didn't have an issue with his install, he wouldn't be asking for help. But just because you couldn't reproduce a problem after blindly trying 8 combinations doesn't mean that this is now the users fault.

All the "obvious" bugs get fixed during testing and pre-releases. That means, that all the bugs that are left are probably transient or poorly reproducible. "It's Zebras All the Way Down". And even if it was the users fault, you shouldn't be dismissive towards their issues.

I must be the most special one, not have installs affected by a known bug ... :no_entry:

Are you trying to be sarcastic? I literally posted a link to the official KDE bugtracker, where the issue was confirmed and a fix was submitted and scheduled to be released in the next version. If that doesn't mean that this is a "known bug", then I don't know, what does. :unamused:

@RuRo thank you!

I didn't encounter this the other day after updating (4/30) and rebooting, but today (5/7) it just popped out of nowhere. I did update tonight and thought it might have been one of those, but given there were no KDE updates, it's unlikely, and I must have just been fortunate to have not encountered it on that first reboot.

@bogdancovaciu just chill.

just because you didn't experience the issue or are unable to reproduce it doesn't mean it's simply a user error/mistake or a problem with their configuration specifically.

As RuRo noted, lots of things happen based on different combinations of user configs, packages, etc. and it's extremely difficult to help people with those random unknowns, but you do the best you can and hope that in the end the community as a whole will come together and figure it out based on various shared experiences. That's what the forums are for. You don't have to take the "I know it all and you're wrong" road, or be a jerk about it when someone else chimes in with some helpful info that discredits your original thought process. That should be a case of appreciating that someone else joined in, did some digging, and managed to figure something out which will help everyone in the end.

From the same place all my replies come from.

You can, and my reply would be that maybe all 3 of you made the same mistake, mistake i did not do on my installs, hence i was not able to reproduce the issue.

You can make whatever claims you want, but as long as you do not provide something to back that up, is just an adhominem. My history in the forum gives the exact scale, shape and proportions of my interactions and suggestions for different issues. Check them up and see if they back up your claim.

I already pointed out the possible issues, from cache to the theme used. I did tests with the defaults of Manjaro install.

If i was dismissive, i would have ignored the topic, and i would have never done a test trying to reproduce the issue.

Do you want to make me the subject of this topic? Now, i'm toxic, sarcastic or dismissive? It seems you want to charge me with all of them. Are you sure you are up to the task?

I'm always chill. When you give such advices, you do it from authority, projection or simply you are on auto reply mechanism?

And logically what is the alternative? You didn't provide any, just made mental gymnastics right there in that sentence.

So, you either provide more details about your install, theme, widgets, or insist on picking on me? With the last option you will get nowhere.

An "ad hominem" is when somebody tries to disprove an argument by insulting the person making that argument. My comment is not an "ad hominem", because I am not addressing any argument. I am explicitly complaining about your attitude.

Speaking of logical fallacies. This is appeal to authority.

Okay, this is true, I'll yield on this point. Indeed, many people wouldn't bother answering at all. What I meant by "dismissive" is "dismissive to the possibility, that the user is not at fault and is simply a victim of a bug, that you was not able to reproduce".

Uh. Yes? (to both questions) Sidestepping the "toxic" part, which is a matter of opinion, are you not sarcastic and dismissive?

The alternative is that this isn't the fault of the user and is instead related to:


And given that the error in question is caused by an update to KDE, which incorrectly initialized some variables in some internal script, which caused a race condition, I would say, that this alternative is pretty convincing.

Yes, you just insulted me = adhominem

You misjudged me trough whatever you thought was my attitude, so, projecting is your thing and we are back to the fact that you insulted me.

If and only if i could not back up my claim, was an appeal to authority fallacy. Since i can prove i know what i'm talking about = i actually HAVE an authority to the subject, there was no fallacy from my part. If i was to say that the ex cat of may uncle said something, that would have constitute an "appeal to authority fallacy". You got it wrong. :wink:

I already explained what i took in consideration and i said that by logical elimination things could point to a local issue.

Appeal to format fallacy and once again attack to the person, plus red herring fallacy. I WAS NOT THE SUBJECT OF THE TOPIC! Why insisting, for your own pleasure, to autopsy what and why about me?

And doesn't that mean LOCAL


Now i'll be sarcastic: did you practice those fancy words in the mirror? Don't answer ... is a joke :slight_smile:

But it means is LOCAL, on your install, not the default provided by Manjaro. Hence

or everything you might think you say, is MOOT POINT.

I see. My comments are "inappropriate, offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines", but bogdancovaciu comments were appropriate, non-offensive, agreeable and not in violation of our community guidelines. I stand corrected, what I clown I was (not being sarcastic).


Yes, please make sure you read the forum rules. You entered the OFF TOPIC, aka your comment does not belong in this topic as is a technical help request not a rant, and for sure is not about me. Reason why i flagged your comment. I will not insist why you are wrong when you judged my interaction and why that was an adhominem. Is your right to rely on your sources.
If you are feeling some inappropriate tone in my replies, or you have some suspicions about my writing format, or my hidden intentions please take them to moderation. We can deal with it even if is divination. I have no benefit on being toxic, (passive-)aggressive, sarcastic, dismissive, etc in this forum, nor elsewhere where i interact with people. So, i CAN'T agree on being accused by such, and i will stand my ground. I know is solid.
Are prepared to also acuse me of being insane? I see no reason why would you think i would burn my "foster home", in this case Manjaro. You will get my point i'm sure.

Now and then there is someone new in the forum that feels attacked by my writing style. Well, i can't write to please every reader. Ignore it, move on, or report it - whatever makes you feel better and safer.
Better writing style is found in books. I'm not here for that, nor to boost my ego or other people ego. I have nothing against you, or your finding and sharing the bug report. Exactly like you i have shared my own experience and test, and since was different, i'm likewise entitled to question more what is going on.


On topic:
I was able to reproduce the issue by installing themes from KDE Store, set them up and by removing the Breeze theme without the KDE Plasma dependencies, the issue came up after reboot. Either Breeze got corrupted by other means on your installs, or something in that regard should be investigated.
Still waiting to get more details about your setup and themes used. I was waiting patiently ... As usual!

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