KDE Partition Manager 3&4

This is partly to report a packaging bug (or mistake) and partly to ask a question.

partitionmanager3 needs kpmcore3 and does have the dependency for it.
partitionmanager needs kpmcore (4!) yet that package does not get installed if you replace partitionmanager3 with partitionmanager.
kpmcore3 should NOT satisfy the dependency kpmcore!

Next question is: why is partitionmanager3 installed by default instead of partitionmanager? It seems to me as if it the UI is even run as root (as the user theme is not applied), which is AFAIK not the case anymore with partitionmanager 4.

This thread may be of interest to you.

As far as I know it's because Calamares depends on the older version.

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Actually, it probably should. Maybe partitionmanager should require kpmcore>=4?

This one of those things that can't exist upstream so it presents a packaging problem on Manjaro.

Maybe partitionmanager should require kpmcore >=4

That would probably be the better option and should fix this.

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