Kde Panel Crashing when trying to add widget

I tried to add some widgets in ‘Application Menu Bar’ whenever I try it crashing (disappearing for some time) but I can add widgets to default panel without any problem. How can I add widgets to the application menu bar?

I had that behavior with old widgets, seemingly now incompatible with today’s version of Plasma.

Is that mean I can’t add widgets to *Global menu * . I want to add a clock widget to that bar…

The one available by default should work.
If you get another from the KDE store, as i said, beware of those too old…

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Old story now. KDE 5.25 is having frequent migraines.

I found one fix - usually the bug is a simple .config problem - I first fixed this (to get the ‘+Add Widgets’ to work without journalctl reporting systemd dumping core when plasma crashes) by renaming .config > .configOLD and carefully restoring settings (taking care to frequently logout/login).

For me it came down to some hotkeys/shortcuts or recent ‘tweaks’ in settings.

So I got it set up, and got Plasma Customization Saver widget - saved ‘Fresh-Default’.

2 days later, another problem - so saved ‘Fresh-borked’ and did some comparing. Two options - load up the old config (tested, working) load up the new config (make sure it’s still broken) then compare modified files…

But basically this is what I need to do anytime I start messing with Widgets - log out/log in and right click desktop ‘+Add Widgets’ and if it doesn’t come up, then go back to the config. PlasmaConfigSaver kind of narrows stuff down and lets you focus…

Compare these files to the ones actually in use in your ~/.config

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I solved this by adding every other widget you want first, then adding only the Global Menu(widget) at the end. This is effective for me. If you want to add a widget afterwards, first remove the *Global menu, then make the necessary changes, and then re-add the Global menu -widget.

It’s default kde provided digital clock. Not installed from store. The ‘Global Menu’-widget, makes ‘add widget’ to crash

Does it happen you create a new user, no custom themes or anything? Because I tried and no such crash happens.

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