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The ‘Audio Volume - System Settings’ dialog does not list any output devices, and so I cannot control volume through KDE’s volume applet. pavucontrol-qt doesn’t load properly either; it gets stuck saying: ‘Establishing connection to PulseAudio. Please Wait…’. The only way for me to control audio is through alsamixer. But I want to fix this, because I think this is related to a problem I am having where the audio devices stay at 100% power all the time (according to powertop).

Does anyone have any suggestions?


What I did on my system to start pulseaudio on boot was to add it to autostart in “System Settings” > “Startup and Shutdown” > “Autostart”. Click “Add Program…” and add “/usr/bin/pulseaudio”. This will cause pulseaudio to start when KDE does. Works for me.

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The proper solution is much simpler.

nano -w /etc/pulse/client.conf


autospawn = yes


Thank you @artoo…I have altered my configuration accordingly. Better to have a proper config than a workaround.:wink:

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Not sure why arch chose to slap a systemd unit on pulseaudio and deactivated autospawn. I could only speculate…


Thanks! That solves that. But the issue with the audio codecs consuming 100% power still persists.

The relevant value is at /sys/module/snd_hda_intel/parameters/power_save. It goes into powersave when I set it to 1. But it gets reset to 0 after every reboot.


To make the change survive across reboots, you could try the following method: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Kernel_modules#Using_files_in_.2Fetc.2Fmodprobe.d.2F


Done! It works!! Now my laptop has a best-case avg. power consumption of 11W !! (also installed virtualgl-openrc to get bumblebee to shut the discreet card off). Thanks!


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