KDE network connectivity issue

This is going to be lots of (not) fun for me.
I have an HP Envy laptop. No ethernet connection possible! Fairly fresh install. Everything going fine untill I decided to go into router and set up strict IP addresses. Set them up reboot router then when laptop tries and reconnect… Nothing. Just a continuous trying to establish connection. Reboot. Same problem. Delete configuration. Reboot. Try and connect again. Same problem. Phone has no problem. The fun is the info I know you want will be very hard to get because I have no internet connection with laptop. That also means downloading is not possible.
I really hope reinstalling can be avoided but do understand that is a very likely what is needed.

Instead of strict I should say static.

I know you are supposed to use coding and such. I am on a phone and don’t know where to get it.
I tried “nmcli device wifi connect”
And return with a “error: connection activation failed: no reason given.”

Think I found out the problem.
I believe the wifi card is partly burnt out. I thought the overheating was do to some heavy processing I was doing. After I shut down wifi the temps dropped by 40°C . Found this piece.

If others are having same problem maybe follow up can be done to give aid. Am a noobie really and do not understand much but do pretty good at finding possible answers.