KDE multi-monitor window position shuffling

Hey all, I everything has been fine on X11 until I recently added a new (third) monitor. Now whenever I resume from suspend the windows move around. It almost seems like a race condition between the two non-primary monitors where whichever is available first gets all of the non “primary screen” windows, as in it seems whichever of the secondary monitors is available last gets nothing… but I’m not sure.

I’ve seen posts about this but no solutions, should I just not even waste my time with trying to configure this?

It’s a shame, I ran away from Wayland for similar issues due to the philosophy that there should be no “primary” screen.


Application positions not screen positions.

Ok I think I have this sorted within KDE by using “Configure special application settings” on a per application basis due to this bug: 427875 – On a multi screen setup, KDE app windows do not remember size, position, or the screen they were last opened on. For X11 when the left-most display is not the primary one.
(Title falls out of scope a bit, Affects KDE X11 multihead)

I don’t see this getting fixed anytime soon as it looks as if Nate Graham has been asking for assistance on this for awhile.