KDE: Missing App Icons

Certain apps such as Brave browser doesn't have its icon (only showed a placeholder icon) in launcher but when I ran the app, the icon shoes in the task panel.

I thought it might be a malfunctioned .desktop file so I opened the one for Brave, it has a line:


and in /usr/share/pixmaps, I did see a "brave.png" file there. I also have Google Chrome, where its .desktop file has a line:


In this case, the /usr/share/pixmaps doesn't have a corresponding icon file.

According to this wiki, there are three locations that hold the icon files defined in a .desktop file:

  1. $HOME/.icons (for backwards compatibility)
  2. $XDG_DATA_DIRS/icons
  3. /usr/share/pixmaps

But in the case of Google Chrome, I didn't see it anywhere so I guess things might have changed. Anyways, in this case I really want to find out why the Brave icon doesn't show up. Thank you in advance. Oh, I should also mention, I originally have Manjaro Gnome and wasn't happy about it so I installed KDE over it. As the wiki pointed out, there's likely some tiny issues like this when doing dual DEs (I did create a new user for KDE), but help is still appreciated!

icons for google-chrome are normally stored in

Right click the manjaro icon on the panel and choose 'Edit Applications'. You can re-apply the Brave Icon you found in pixmaps that way.

Thanks for the solution. I will try it in a bit. I am hoping there's a more automated way of doing it (or this is a big of Plasma?) as I have a dozen of apps in the same situation.

Hi I just tried. Sorry but it doesn't work.

I don't have Brave installed but a Catfish file search of /usr/share shows many Brave icons in most, if not all, of my installed icon themes.

Look or search in /usr/share/icons/your_theme

Were you recently changing anything theme related? I have ran into this issue a few times where different themes don't work with all of the icons, especially if they aren't from officially repositories. Try going back to the original breeze theme and see if they return. That will tell you real quick. And then look for one that works with them.

If it's not theme related, you can disregard your message.

Hi @knome, yes, I tried your suggestion. However it didn't solve the problem. The problem is not that the .desktop file that linked to a wrong path (to the app icon), but that the path is correct (and can be displayed in other DEs, like GNOME), but cannot be displayed correctly from KDE.

Hi @fbodymechanic, I didn't. I was using the default breath icon sets. But during the trials and errors, I did change the icon set to breeze. I just tried changing it back but it didn't work. Thanks anyways.

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