KDE Manjaro, reverting app associations to default settings


I’ve toyed a little bit around my install and I installed a game via AppImage. It prompted me to choose a default application to open that file type, and I choose AppImage Settings (it was the only one available) and selected to remember it, thinking that AppImage Settings app is the same as AppImage Launcher.
However, now a lot of filetypes are messed up, e. g. .html, .tar, ,mkv, etc. I don’t know all the file types that got changed, so I’d like to revert the associations to defaults. Is there a possibility for that or do I need to reinstall the system?

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Just checked, most of the extensions are switched to open by default with AppImageLauncher Settings

  1. If it’s just one file association, the easiest way to delete it is to:

    kcmshell5 filetypes

    and then check there and delete.

  2. If a lot, it’s easier to copy the mime files of a USB stick that you just burned the ISO to:

    cp --recursive /USB/usr/share/mime /PC/usr/share/mime

    where USB and PC denominate where you mounted the USB or PC exactly.


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