KDE loosing focus while typing



I am experiencing strange issue with KDE, it happend from very beginning of Manjaro KDE usage (2 month ago). When I click on KDE Menu and typing to search application menu often closes accidentally after 2-3 character. Once opened second time it remains visible an I can find desired application.

The same issue exists in Dolphin - when trying to rename file (I using settings “one click for select, two for execution”), click on it and start typing it exits from rename file mode without losing focus from the Dolphin.

Same issue exists while pressing Alt+F2 - starting typing, after 2-3 chars search input disappears. Recalled one more time it works.


See if changing to this is helpful

Restart the session after making those changes.


Thank you for suggestion. but I already found the solution. Issue wasn’t caused by any of KDE components. It is autmatic keyboard layout switcher XNeur. It hooks each keypress event and check whether it required to switch layout to another. It looks like catching keypress cause focus lost and other quirks. It is time to watch what I am typing =(