KDE login screen takes forever to let me enter PW after failed attempt

Does anybody else have the issue, that the login screen in Manjaro KDE takes like 4 seconds to let you try to enter your password again, after a failed attempt? This is very annoying and should be instant.

Hi @angryyouth, and welcome!

I also wondered this when I started with Gnome, then moved to KDE and it persisted. So it’s obviously not a deesktop environment thing. I suspect SDDM, but might be wrong.

Anyway, after much research into the reason and how to fix it, it turns out this is the intended behaviour. It stops and discourage unauthorised logins by making it hard if there is an incorrrect login attempt. That immediately made sense and put me at ease, so I left it and don’t worry about it any further.

Hope this helps.

Alright, that was an obvious answer haha. Yeah, makes sense. Any idea if you can disable this?

I’m 100% sure you can.

I just don’t know how. But, as I mentioned before, I’m kind of paranoid, so the extra security suits me just fine.

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