KDE Listings in theme store are not sorted

Listing in theme/icon/cursor are not getting sorted.

In the screenshot the most downloaded first is selected but the result is not sorted by the number of downloads.

  • It looks indeed confusing, but I went to the KDE store to have a look at the age and number of downloads on there, and it seems like the “Most downloaded” is “Most recently downloaded” so older icon themes like Papyrus get a lower rating because WhiteSur has been downloaded a lot recently.
  • Having said that, to file a bug with the KDE team, you’re better off going here as the Manjaro team pulls the newest Plasma from “upstream”. (I.E. from kde.org) and doesn’t re-file every bug posted here for all the packages included in Manjaro for you. (They’d get absolutely nothing done if they had to do that)


Reported on KDE bug tracker

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