KDE laggy even if I use default theme

Can you give more detail on what “laggy” means?

Here is how I configure Nvidia on KDE for tearing/smoothness issues Imgur: The magic of the Internet

For example when I go to plasma menu → configuration → system configuration and I click on it, the menu disappears (normal behavior) and before system configuration window appears the cursor freezes.

Sometimes when I watch video, it freezes too

It’s always less than a second for all examples but I think it’s not normal with my hardware :confused:

I have fairly similar hardware, and don’t have these issues.

Can you try to create a new user, login to this new user, and see if on a default new user you have same issues? Maybe something you installed on your current user is creating the issue.

ok I’ll tryc, give me some minutes :slight_smile:

Else I tried “Imgur: The magic of the Internet”
Same behavior :confused:

I made a new user and there is the same behavior

let’s check and have a focus to something else. there had been issues with bios settings of the default energy mode inside and the ryzen-cpu. you’re nvidia-driver is set correct and maybe the reason is indeed something else.

So if I understand well my problem comes from my kernel

In manjaro settings → kernels I see many kernels. I’m using 5.15.21-1
wich one should be test ?
I can install :
5.17rc… (experimental)


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Freezes are always here :confused:

may i ask if you are on a stable or unstable release ? please post the output of

sudo pacman-mirrors -G

If it can help you, I just made a video to show you an example of freeze:


It’s really just little freezes but it’s annoying

sudo pacman-mirrors -G                                                                                                              


Ah … the KDE animation is smooth and actually not laggy, so it’s not the graphics problem.

That kind of little freezing is more related to either the CPU or SSD.

Since you just did a fresh install, it’s probably the SSD that just need some time to accustom itself.

My advice is to use your desktop normally for a longer time.

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I don’t know what you’re talking about here.

I don’t really see the issue you’re talking about, what is freezing?

//EDIT: also it may not be the issue but your BIOS is really outdated (from 2019). If you update it be prepared with a Manjaro live USB to boot your installation as it may be possible the BIOS doesn’t auto detect the bootloader (and you can use the Manjaro USB to “Detect bootloaders” to boot on Manjaro, and from there you can reinstall Grub with command sudo grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/boot/efi --bootloader-id=manjaro --recheck for an UEFI installation, followed by sudo update-grub and reboot).

That’s some proprietary HDD / SSD design stuff companies won’t tell publicly:

OP expected an instant response. Different people have different expectation on responsiveness.

when I click, the menu disappears (normal) and near to the cursor there is little logo which is “jumping”.

And if you take a closer look, you can see the logo stops and resume its “jump”

I know it’s a little freeze but I take this example because it’s the only one I can predict. Others appear sometimes

That’s just different people taste on responsiveness. I’m also like you so I can see that this kind of freezing is annoying. I also assume that you’re also bothered with the slight lag when pressing the “Configuration” button and other similar things.

That kind of freezing is more to the kernel process load stuff and lots of things contribute to this (your CPU is still the good Ryzen generation, so the SSD initial state is probably the bottleneck), but it’s definitely not a graphics problem.

I’ve never heard of it but ok I’ll wait a bit to see if the problem goes away

Just out of curiosity, do you have any resources on this SSD initial state behavior?

I don’t have a good resource actually. Internet won’t give you the details. Most I learnt from heavy-reading textbooks and experiences.

What I can briefly explain about initial state is something like caching; you need to wait for a longer time to get good performance.

Many things are proprietary implementations and what the public knows about HDD / SSD is abstraction.

But overall, not saying that SSD is the real bottleneck here, it’s the most probable. There are many things to consider like KDE code implementation or main memory bottleneck …

Consider updating BIOS to latest non-beta version (7B87v1C)

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