KDE Konsole font rendering breaks with resolution change

I have to frequently connect/disconnect from external monitors. Whenever I do the font rendering in konsole/yakuake gets messed up. It seems that the cursor position is not updated correctly, i.e. the cursor moves by more than the characters are wide. Resizing the font up/down fixes this. I did find posts by others having the same issue, but no solution yet. As a workaround I imagine one could catch the resolution change and trigger font resize commands to konsole, but I have not tried finding out whether that’s actually possible.

This is unfortunately a bug proper to konsole, and it has been around for a long time already — it already existed in Plasma 4.

konsole is part of the KDE Applications, and as such, it is developed by KDE, not by Manjaro — or for that matter, Arch — so if this bug really bothers you, I would suggest filing a bug report at bugs.kde.org or at the discuss.kde.org forum.

Thanks for the quick reply. I have now added a bug report at bugs.kde.org. I noticed that there are at least 3 bugs already that seem to report the issue from a different perspective (not sure so I filed mine anyway).
My hope was also that maybe someone here had a workaround…

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None beyond your own way of “fixing it”. :wink:

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