KDE iso not bootable on usb stick

the current v24 iso isn"t bootable from stick. Gnome works.
after plasma updates i thought i’d reinstall and then saw that not only the recently updated packages led to pamac errors. more the complete kde installation procedure is broken now.

If you’re using Ventoy then update it.


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using dd

No idea then.

I tested the latest iterations of Plasma ISO before release and I tested the released ISO - minimal and full - there was no issues.

So it can be any of the following

  • an incomplete download
  • an incomplete write (using dd)
  • a failing USB stick

You may want to make sure the ISO is correct fetched using gpg or checksum.

I suggest you try using the get-iso script Applications / Manjaro Get Iso · GitLab or the ISO downloader GUI from repo

ok, i will try again.

You’re right. I should have checked the sha256. The newly downloaded iso works as it should.
I’m Sorry for the time I cost you.

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