KDE is broken

I have a Surface 3 Pro and haven't had success getting it to work under any Linux distro. I've only tried Gnome 3.34 with the Intel driver on that computer, not the modesetting driver. When the Surface keyboard is attached the on screen keyboard keeps coming up. With Firefox I can't scroll with the touchscreen because Firefox thinks I'm trying to select text to copy and paste. With Google Chrome scrolling works but I can't long press to select text to copy and paste. No consistency. Biggest problem was suspend to RAM consistently froze the computer requiring a hard reboot.

Anyways, back to my System76 laptop. The modesetting driver works fine with Gnome on my Intel HD 530 graphics. I even have framebuffer compression enabled with no issues. As for RAM usage, Gnome doesn't use any more RAM than KDE on my computer. I have 16GB of RAM so RAM usage really isn't an issue for me anyways.

How long ago did you try to install Linux on your SP3? If it was over a year ago, a lot has changed and support has matured. If it was less than a year ago, you were probably using the wrong kernel. The Surface Linux 4.19 LTS kernel is the one that supposed to be used with Surface Pros. A lot of folks keep installing the 5.x Surface Linux kernels, which don't have multi-touch support and don't offer anything worthwhile for older hardware.

Manjaro KDE w/Jakeday's kernel was the first distro I got running on my SP4, followed by KDE Neon. I've also installed Pop!_OS, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and Manjaro GNOME successfully.

The only distros I've tried are Ubuntu 18.04 and Ubuntu 18.10. I tried an alternative Surface kernel at the time but neither the Surface kernel or the stock kernel fixed any of the problems I had. Haven't the Surface 3 Pro kernel patches been merged upstream by now into the vanilla kernel? The keyboard issue seems to be a Gnome issue. Gnome should recognize that I've attached the Surface keyboard and disable the onscreen keyboard like Windows 8.1 and 10 do. Instead I have to keep manually turning the onscreen keyboard off and on as I attach and detach the physical keyboard.

You can't get the clipboard history to work because it's not implemented yet. It is being upstreamed right now though and most of it AFAIK already is upstreamed.
In order for Firefox to work with the touch screen you need to set it to use Wayland. By default it's still using XWayland (at least in Plasma). In Firefox on Wayland context menus (like on long press) don't go away until you click on them though, so it's not that usable atm either. Falkon works great though.

It could be the case that it just sucks on Intel, but my experience has been abysmal.

Gnome runs fine, but a lot of applications get either the wrong font size or blurry fonts, so the desktop experience isn't great. The other problem at the time is that because of Wayland's security model you couldn't use libinput-gestures to configure touchpad gestures for example.

I might give it another go once 3.38 is out. From what I've been reading a lot of those problems have either been solved or workarounds exists now.

Main problem with KDE/Wayland for me is that scaling is still broken. I use 150% scaling, because I have a 4K monitor. Trying that in Wayland gives [more] inconsistent results. Especially irritating is the mouse cursor - it'll somehow be gigantic over certain parts of UI while shrinking to "normal" size in others.

For scaling amounts that small you are better off changing the font size than using fractional scaling.

Most UI elements scale with the font size so changing the font size makes almost everything bigger and the things it doesn't can usually be manually adjusted.


Yeah, had the same experience. Tried scaling by 125% on Wayland and it just doesn't work properly (yet).

@yosukemat @Zamundaaa
KDE scaling isnt finished. It doesnt work well on X either.
I use hidpify ..


I run the latest5.19.3 and everything works fine. I just used normal x11. Works good.

It seems the problem was solved, no issues here, maybe it only you.

Hello, folks!

I've installed the last stable Manjaro KDE and it has worked fine (it's magnificent, by the way), except for a seeming bug related to the VCL. It sticks to the tray and won't go way until I reboot. I can watch only one movie. If I try to start another without reboot the system it doesn't work. It's not a big deal, just annoying (It's a dual boot with Windows). I can normally close all other apps that appear in the tray. The problem seems related only to it. Spooky...


I assume you mean VLC.
Theres at least a half dozen threads on that.
It all roughly boils down to - set your hardware acceleration/output correctly (vdpau, etc)
Or .. simply use a superior player like smplayer.

Yes. My bad. Sorry.

no worries. for more info you should be able to dig up those threads using the search
(I am too lazy to look and link)

I'll do that. Thanks.

No need to reboot, you can just kill the process.
Either use the kill command or use the system manager..

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