KDE, i3, wallpaper


I’ve been trying to set a wallpaper for KDE with i3 for a window manager.


feh --bg-fill <path-to-a-wallpaper>

The wallpaper flashes during the login process, yet finally disappears. Apparently, .xprofile is not the right place to put the call to feh. Where should I put it instead?


exec --no-startup-id feh --bg-fill <path-to-a-wallpaper>

to your i3 config.

It won’t work either. Something wrong with the i3 installation, I suspect. I copied from another box

exec --no-startup-id nitrogen --restore

but it did not work; i tried feh, but it works only after the desktop has settled, from console.

On the archived forum, i had this suggestion for a successful i3wm and Kde Plasma combination

Maybe it will help you.

This is exactly my case. i3-gaps instead of KWin. Everything’s fine, except for the wallpaper.