KDE: How do I get a non-ugly Firefox titlebar?

I hope this is the right category, because I think this is more KDE than Firefox-related.

So in about:config I've set browser.tabs.drawInTitlebar to true, so I don't have an extra titlebar, but the minimize/close buttons etc. are hard so see and just look out of place. I tried multiple things with window decorations/rules, but this is the best I could come up with:

Firefox is really the only application with problems like this that I know of. Brave has a similar option to deactivate the extra titlebar and these buttons look normal.

Edit: I'm using the dark theme.

And is there a way to completely reset application settings/modifications in KDE?

Well, the problem here is that you've enabled the client-side window decoration in Firefox, which means that the buttons for minimizing, maximizing and closing will be part of the Firefox toolbar, and the styling of those buttons then depends on two things...:

  1. Any built-in Firefox defaults.
  2. The chosen GTK2 theme.

Firefox (and Thunderbird) are somewhat weird creatures in that regard, because on the one hand, they depend on GTK2, while on the other hand they also contain a few links against the GTK3 libraries, as well as having their own built-in Mozilla-specific design considerations.

My advice would be to disable the client-side window decorations, because even though you can select a different style by using a different GTK2 theme, KDE Plasma 5.17.x does not fully support GTK client-side window decorations yet, and they can lead to very ugly artifacts, depending on the chosen GTK3 theme. The upcoming Plasma 5.18.x however will have better support for them.

If on the other hand you would want to disable GTK3/GNOME client-side window decorations all across the board, then best would be to install a package called gtk3-nocsd from the AUR.

As for your question about resetting application settings in KDE Plasma, then I'm afraid the answer is that the only way to do this would be to clear out the pertinent configuration files under your...

  • {HOME}/.config
  • {HOME}/.local
  • {HOME}/.cache

... and any other dot-directories under your {HOME} ─ GTK applications often tend to each have their own dedicated dot-directory, whereas Qt/KDE applications tend to all go under * {HOME}/.config and * {HOME}/.local. There is however no "reset to factory defaults" setting in KDE Plasma like you will find on a cellphone/smartphone.

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Oh, thanks for your suggestion, I think I just found what I was looking for by accident: I hadn't checked the "Prefer dark theme" box in the Gnome/GTK settings in the Application Style settings. Looks good now :slight_smile:

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