KDE | Hotkeys do not work


I almost fell in love with Manjaro KDE. Unfortunately, after a short time I noticed that the hotkeys’ reassignment does not work. If I want to create a hotkey, I can’t define a key. The field with “None” becomes blue as usual. Afterwards I press my desired key. Unfortunately nothing happens then. I cannot reassign a key from existing hotkeys either. I thought this was a bug in KDE, but in Arch, Arco,Kubuntu, etc. it works as usual. So it must be Manjaro.
I would like to continue using Manjaro. Do you have an idea how I could fix this bug? Unfortunately I can’t find anything with the help of Google.

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I have the same problem, since installing 20.2. Wasn’t an issue in the previous version I was using (I think 18 something)

So downgrading Manjaro is the only solution?

All user shortcuts modifications are stored in:



If you have problems with those, remove them and copy the one from

In principle the Custom Shortcuts entry is obsolete. See here: