KDE Global Menu popups misplaced and other issues with non-Qt apps

I have several issues with non-Qt applications and Global Menu. Everything works fine as long as I use mouse. With keyboard I experience several issues:

  • all popups appear at the most left
  • accelerator keys are not underlined
  • popup is styled wrong, i.e. dark background instead of a light one
  • if popup is closed without choosing any item, i.e. Alt-F, Esc, then both global menu and global title bar disappear

None of this issues happen when I use mouse, also none of them happen with Qt apps.

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Unfortunately, there is very little we can do about those quirks ─ yes, I have experienced and can confirm several of them ─ because this is an upstream issue, for which the GTK/GNOME developers are to be blamed. They have their own design philosophy and they’re not willing to make any concessions.

The KDE developers have been working hard to get around the quirks of GTK, but alas, with such a one-sided relationship, I don’t think the problems will ever be ironed out. :man_shrugging:

But somehow it works with mouse. Can one trigger the same code mouse triggers?

That’s an entirely different input mechanism. Other than by using the keyboard for navigating the mouse pointer, I don’t see any way. :man_shrugging:

So, what’s the Manjaro way of using non-Qt apps? Do not use Global Menu, do not use KDE?

BTW, is it possible to set up global menu for all apps in XFCE?

Most Manjaro users don’t use the global menu at all, given that most Manjaro users come from the world of Microsoft Windows, where the menu is inside the application window. Most Manjaro users also accept the client-side window decorations of GTK apps.

Personally, I too make use of the global menu ─ I consider it a requisite, even ─ and I have gtk3-nocsd installed so as to do away with the client-side decorations. But I rarely ever use the keyboard for accessing the menus ─ 99.99% of the time, I simply use the mouse.

It should be, but I have no experience with that. You’d need to install some extra packages from the repository, though, because I don’t think those packages come installed in XFCE by default.

But I don’t really know… I’m a Plasma user. :wink: